Want More People to Read Your Story?

Here's a cool way to get all of the stories on our site out to more people: Sk*rt it!

Sk*rt is a website (sort of like Digg) which allows users to post links to content on the web that they like and want to share. So if you want to share your story or other people's stories to a wider audience post the link at http://www.sk-rt.com and write a sentence or two describing it.

Also, this will be an awesome way to get new users to our site. Try it out, or go and clink on the link I just posted for one of our user's awesome stories!

EPjessica EPjessica
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2007

This may sound completely ridiculous, but I wouldn't want to entire world to know about the EP. Guess I'm afraid of it becoming to big to manage? I like the the way it feels kind of intimate here, and wouldn't want to lose that... (told you it sounds silly)