PM/email Addresses

i've found when i select "Compose" in PM/email the "TO:" (recipient) box is blank and needs to be filled in manually.  unfortunately, like many others out there i do not possess the memory to retain each User ID within "My Circle".  this means i have to either write it down prior to entering the mail system or go to their profile to send a message.

what if ... the recipient box had a drop down menu of all those currently in your "My Circle" ??? 

for me the only time i PM/email someone NOT within "My Circle" is after reading a story and going to their profile to read more of their stories - but i'm at their profile at this point anyway so it's no hassle.

thank you for listening!

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal
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1 Response Aug 3, 2007

great suggestion! We'll look into how to make this work. :)