Confessions Should Be Opt-out?

I wonder if it might make more sense to have the option to allow comments on by default when posting a confession? It's just that it always seems like such a shame when someone has confessed something really good and you want to make a nice comment but you can't, and I can't help wondering how many times that happens simply because someone simply forgot to click the right box to allow comments? It seems more intuitive this way any way, since the majority of people do want comments. Whatcha think?
davidstone78 davidstone78
26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 3, 2007

Sometimes it'd be better if the confession is merely read. Maybe liked. Comments be damn the entire purpose...

it's an interesting point... we always want to err on the side of giving users what they want and making sure they never feel 'tricked' into something, but I think what we've seen overall is that most people do want comments. We'll make it happen.