Mood Enhancements

Hi all,

Perhaps you've noticed we've improved the moods functions a bit:

Now your mood is accompanied on your profile by a smiley that represents it.

Also, we added the ability, and we think this is really neat, to listen to music that matches your mood! The list is built by the fine folks on this site who regularly take the Music Match Quiz (click More on the main menu), and match feelings and experiences to songs.

You can get to the music player by setting your mood, then looking at the note that tells you your mood was saved. At the bottom is a link to the player.

Are these fun? Useful? Useless? Let us know. We're always going to be making EP better-- and you drive how that happens!
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8 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Damn shame you got rid of it-- PC users in particular have been raped since early 2013 at the expense of your app. Your site IS NOT going forward-but it is doing all it can to regress and NOT GIVE folks what they want.

Mood music...YESSS!

Indeed. We are handymen and women of another sort.

I was going to start a poll or EP group somewhere... can't just take my word for which smilies are dodgy!<br />
<br />
Also, EPcrew can out-fix even Bob the Builder, it's true!

hi! which ones do you remember as being not so good? you know we'll fix it ;)

I have a love/hate relationship with the mood smilies. Some are very cute. Some are completely inappropriate. It'd be nice to get a proper set designed for EP moods.<br />
<br />
Speaking of which, I still think it'd be nice to have a (see comment) mood or something for all those times the options don't cut it.

I like both new features. i really like ep. it is very unique in many ways.

So glad to hear you like it! :) It's a neat feature, and unique to Experience Project (like so much else).