Removing Unwanted Fans

Rather than blocking someone who has a scary crush on me, I would rather have a "Remove Fan" option. Lately, I have a flood of unwanted fan notification/friend requests. I know I don't have to be their friend and add them back, but...

Please consider.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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I agree, the process to block and unblock just to remove a fan is very tedious and since we can go through the steps manually it should be fairly easy to program those steps into a button we can click when reviewing our fan lists.

you are not the real woman

anything but block till removed is best<br />
i hsve no interest ti watching you and your wife with other people or dating services

Yes a "thanks but no thanks" would be welcome.

we need that option to many are noot reading what we are asking i have no interests in many things or dating services

How about, when EP sends the email to you saying "good news, new fan" and "P.S. If the feelings are mutual and you add 'QAZRAZL' into your own circle (as a fan or a guru), then they will automatically become one of your friends. Click here to add them." WHY NOT give us the option NOT TO ALLOW THEM AS FANS if feelings are not mutual? Remove or not allow as option to add to circle. PLEASE?

RW you are too funny! Yep - that is WAY too funny :) But - I can see that ... some weird stalker type following you?

Coundt a big boxing glove just come out their screen and bop them ...... Iam sure the Techs at "IT" could sort that .........

Ahhh, cheers to the diminutive Testudine. :)

Me too. I understood EPSupport and I agree with RW. I have found there were fans that I don't want to align myself with for various reasons. When I received new fan email from EP, I chose not to circle them but they are fans on my profile which insinuates a lot. I don't need to block or confront them, necessarily. Just would like an "un-fan" button.

Thanks for responding.<br />
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Yes, my plan will be un-fan, then if they re-add polite letter asking them to stop, then a block.<br />
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I understood every word. :)

RW-- good topic. Let's figure it out! <br />
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Question-- if you "un-fan" them and they add you back, what do you do? If you block them, well, then... we have the block feature. <br />
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So is it a request for a feature to un-fan someone, and then if they add you again, you'll just un-fan them again? <br />
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Whew, that was confusing to type--I can only imagine how confusing it will be to read!

poodledoodle, I like you.

There are certain types I would rather not be associated with... I am not here to titillate those people.

Markismyheart, thank you....I did not know they could see my activity. *covers up*

Absolutely agree as well. I've said this before almost 2 yrs ago. *shakes head*<br />
Good luck RW.