EP's Pet Project

In our last member survey for new feature requests, the #1 request was for us to build more functionality around pets.

Why?  Because they are a huge part of our lives, understand us when no one else seems to, and never judge or fail to support. They are indeed family (many EPers have over 6 pets!). Finally, they're a GREAT way for people to get to know each other-- there is no better icebreaker than talking about your pets (Even if you don't have any).

So with great pride, we release the  EP Pet  Project. Here it is:


At the Pet Project, you can: 

-Share photos of your pets

-Create memorials to your pets that have passed away

-See pets owned by other EPers, interact with them, and comment on them

-Play a few games, like rating the cutest EP  pet

-Adopt a virtual pet and raise awareness about the plight of shelter animals (they're fun to take care of as well)

EP, as you know, is a delicious mixture of fun and serious. We will never go to one extreme or the other-- and we hope this feature, from memorials to pet adoption, is just the right mix. Initial feedback has been tremendously positive, so we're excited to have you use it and tell us how we can improve :)

We hope this is also another example of your passions, interests and opinions helping us tailor EP  to be a more fun, powerful and engaging place to meet people who 'get it.'

Here it is again: 


Much Love,

-Your EP  Team

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I think the PET PROJECT GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this site is simply gorgeous....love you guys....gooood work!;D

thanks for the love, guys. Keep the feedback a-coming.

What a great addition this is,, I LOVE IT. I've adopted, have a memorial, and have my real pet. Thank you guys, I really needed something like this. WELL DONE!!