You Guys Always Solve These Things So Quickly

And I thank you for that. So my current problem is that whenever I post a confession and use my name, it always goes into off-topic, even though I almost always choose a different topic. It isn't a problem when I post a confession anonymously, just when I choose to include my name. I can tell it's not happening to everyone, so what do I need to let you know so that it can be fixed? I can do screen prints if you want, or give you some links.

Also, when you post a confession anonymously, where it tells you to use this link to see your confession, the number isn't there. If that makes any sense. It's late, sorry. If that doesn't make any sense, let me know and I'll try and explain again.

garbanzobean garbanzobean
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

So it did make sense, thats good. Thanks! Like I said, if you need me to provide anything, I can. It's obviously not happening to everyone.

ok, we fixed the confession 'number' thing -- thanks for pointing that out!<br />
<br />
As for the offtopic one, we have to look into that more... off-topic is a new category for confessions as of last week.