Why, Oh Why?

I just had a story flagged.  I would love to know why.  I wonder if something could  be worked out where the flagger could leave an anonymous explanation to the flaggee explaining their reasons for the censor.  The way it is now, its just a big mystery.  I don't think this was a personal reason, it was a pretty dry subject.  So yeah!  Curious minds would like to know why!

LilAnnie LilAnnie
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7 Responses Feb 13, 2009

They have a very big job to do, that's for sure.<br />
Ooooh, and maybe another cabinet filled with all the inappropriate avatars.

Oh man, my mouth is watering at the idea of a look/see! And the activity around the story! I'm sure the job of EP support is tough but I bet its never boring!

Do you think EP has a special file cabinet of all the flagged stories? I'd love to get a peak in there.

Just another day in the EP offices. I bet they could post some stories!!! Oh boy!

Yeah and you offended someone on the bank bailout position! lol

No, believe it or not, it was a dry dull story about the bank bailout! Not 18 plus at all. WAIT!!!!! MOOMOUSE! I cursed in the story! OMG! I am so dense!

False alarm! The story is back in the story group. But still, I think its a good idea. The way it is now, people just assume their post was flagged for a mean reason when sometimes maybe the reason is a good one!