I Will Do ...

IF someone offended me.. 

and also if someone blocks me without reason...

Of course. i will block it ,right away....

and i would not allow a person to access my page ....




HAL9001 HAL9001
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9 Responses Feb 13, 2009

hi celticblood .. sorry to hear that. my case is different. some one was in my circle but she was so annoying on off and on off for ... allowed to access her page. I have no idea why , cause we never exchange any issues. so, i just decided that i really don't want some freeks to come in go without me notice... anyway if some is rude to me .. i make no exception ... just cut off :)

hi princess. i have many great friends like you and that's all i need and that's all i care about. And i want it to be... forever and beyond. Hugs*

right.. when i was there whole 6 days were rain... except the day i left.. but i love California.. so for me it was no problem. though i realized that once rain drops .. highway is clogged as hell.... enjoy weekends with love one. Hugs*

Yes Hal, we have been getting a bunch of rain, they were playing the song...it never rains in California.<br />
<br />
Happy Valentines.....thank god for the block and delete options...LOL

hi nightwish... i feel the same way. Hope you are happy.. Hugs*<br />
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hi my friend..nudeinva ... how are you.. i was bit busy and traveling things..so, i didn't had a chance to talk to you this week.. Anyhow.. i had to block the person, cause she was so strange.. add me in one second and taking out.. it was not minor but i decided to do it, as i was not happy at all. so, i just blocked her. o big deal but very annoying ... so how is everything with you?

Hal9001, good to see you. I am sorry that you had to block someone. In fact, I had to block a minor who had their profile as private but was spewing crap. Thanks to EP, they made it possible to block a minor's from your profile!

hi carlifornia... how is today.. still raining? Thanks for your comment.. yes. i just did Block someone. i guess we need to be careful, cause some people are nuts and you never know.. wishing your a wonderful Valentines day. Hugs*

I did today, my first and I wish I could have done more...

hi princess... thank you... i feel the same way. I would not like to waste a time for some nonsense and those people.. Hugs*