A Few Ideas..

First, it would be nice to make it easier to invite others. Maybe something like Facebook where you log into your web mail account and pick who you want to invite.

Second, how about a hug feature. Alot of people on here need a hug for encouragement, especially after sharing a emotional story. There could be a botton on the profile page or story page that says "hug". It would be kind of like gifts, it would tell you it is from and maybe a message or something. There could be other things too, like "high five", "applaud", "smile at", ect.
SavedByGrace14 SavedByGrace14
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Right now, you can send a hug through the gifts feature. I like the idea of making it easier/separate. Onto the list it goes :-)

Great ideas!! Making the invite feature as easy as possible is really important to us and I think the hug idea is awesome. I'll pass these along and update you as/if we implement them. Thanks for your thoughts!!