Confession Room - Please Add a Forum Or Something Else

I know EP that this has been brough up AD NAUSEUM here.  I'm bringing this up again.  

The confession site - was great when I started. Truly - was GREAT!!!! 

Now - it really is a place taken over by random stupid thoughtless nonsense.

For the love of all that is holy - PLEASE do something.


I wish that all on the confession site would use the FORUM under 'I have something Random to say' experience. You could post, talk, leave numbers, etc.

  OK - off the soap box -- let the beatings begin ....

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7 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I agree. Maybe something will change.

I always wondered why I never saw them commenting ... makes sense

I agree - I DO NOT want the confession room to be taken away (as many of us in this circle know). <br />
I just think that some of the ugly, nasty remarks, and the stupid stuff (sorry - no other way to put this) needs to go. People really need to use their blogs for some of the stupid stuff.


The confession place is also a place where people can anonymously attack others. And that's cowardly and disgusting.

The confession room is great because it allows people to anonymously express something without having it tied to their profile. Yes, your profile is almost anonymous to begin with but if you have been here a long time, you start to form close friendships with other members and you don't necessarily want everyone to hear the painful things that you have to say, particularly if it might hurt someone because they are sensitive or what not. <br />
<br />
There is a place for honesty and there is a place for nonsense and games and drama. <br />
<br />
Many people have found help through the confessions feature and while it isn't right to judge every entry or EP member who creates an entries there. It is downright awful that a few (out of the many) have dominated that area and have crowded out those who would make good use of it.<br />
<br />
Most of the silly comments could be really be made in a chat room and wouldn't bury comments made my members who really need help. <br />
<br />
Perhaps EP needs to make two confessions rooms... one for who don't need help and one for people who do. Or maybe one for young people and one for older members. Just a thought.

This was going on yesterday, only much worse. The last couple of days has been filled with vulgar attacks and horrible personla insults. In fact the whole weekend was filled with this stuff.