Custom Moods...

... the list is somewhat constrictive. English abounds with "How you're feeling..." words. 

I just needed "Glowing" having come back in from a workout just now. Not there.

So perhaps keep the list but have a "Custom Mood" in the list for us to type in exactly how we're feeling.

Then we can be happy/sad or whimsically lustfull or even tragically quixotic! Perhaps a 1 - 10 scale ifd you want to keep the graph thing going. We could decide if it was a good state to be in or not. Sometimes sad nostalgia is a positive thing and would have a 10, sometimes the same thing might be a bad thing and get a 1.

Even your list lacks this... happy might get an 8 normally, but at a funeral or something only get a 1, but happy at a funeral would appear as a positive spike on your graph of past moods...

Laz :o)

Lazarus42 Lazarus42
46-50, M
Feb 16, 2009