A Possible Solution For the Incessant Drama

 Oh Internet. You're beautiful. You eliminate the distance problem for communication; you are a vast and epic ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and fish feces. You are an avenue for us to vent our most hated annoyances, and praise those who may or may not deserve such frippery. As long as you have been around, there have also been idiots who hide behind your majestic waves of anonymity to threaten and slander other people, places, and things indiscriminately. EP is no exception.

I do agree that people get out of hand sometimes. And because the internet is essentially anonymous, some idiots become more inclined to be mean than they would be in real life. Aside from a "slap on the wrist," there's not much the EP admins can currently do about the problem. The only way to fix this is to make it profitable for people to NOT be dicks.

My suggestion: create a full-on Karma system, where users rate responses and other users. We already have a "rate this story/comment/answer" in play, but perhaps adapting this to the users would help alleviate the problem. You could receive bonuses for having high karma, and become restricted with lower. Obviously, it would be a poor idea to allow users to rate an infinite number of times during the day, so perhaps a set limit, per 24 hour time period, could offset potential bullshit*.

Granted, some people are incorrigible, and would rather be dicks. But with this system in place, it would behoove them to change their dickerous ways**.

Any comments, questions, concerns, favorite quotations, and trolling would be greatly appreciated (minus the latter, obviously).


* Quoting David Wong from Cracked: " Yes, it works. Everyone claims they don't care what their karma is, yet any time a person sees an unexplained drop, I get an email complaining about it. You just can't ignore a number right next to your name that announces what the community thinks of you."

** A similar system has been implemented elsewhere (Slashdot and Cracked), to great effect.

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and those who get unfairly targeted with poor ratings because someone is running a hate agenda what about them

Exactly! That's exactly what I had in mind.<br />
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I agree with you, %100 on this. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution. This might be something the EP community could hammer out as time goes on. David Wong suggests several possible solutions to this (yes, I know Cracked is a humor website, but the article is no less thought-provoking); unifying the culture of the site around a code of ethics (which EP more or less does anyway), force users to pay (which is the exact opposite of what the site's about), or abolish internet anonymity (which, again, is something that EP prides itself in not doing...and would probably be the end of the internet).<br />
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Thanks for the response, luckytiger.

Perhaps "good" karma could be accumulated too.<br />
<br />
Collecting points for making EP a better place, rather than "losing" points for destroying it.<br />
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Perhaps there could be rewards for this.... I don't know a special gift or icon. Great EP members could receive awards for most helpful comments, diffusing arguments, etc. Perhaps EP members could anonymously to give points to EP members they feel are contributing positively. <br />
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When you go down the path of negative reinforcement, you can expect that it will work for a while but eventually it will have diminishing returns. The person getting negative reinforcement will receive so much of it that they don't care anymore. So because they can't see how they can "dig" themselves out of a deep hole to get back on higher ground, they will continue digging in order to protest the system.

Celainn: The process, unfortunately, is not immediate...by design. Obviously the original avenues of dealing with dickitude (nice one, Nyxie) would still be in place, but the karmic system would be an added bonus to deter potential dipshits.<br />
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Which is true, El, if karma was real. This wouldn't force morality on people, but it would make them more inclined to actually think about how their actions and comments affect their own karma rating.

I like instant karma.

Beware of those who would legislate morality. Wherever there are halls there will be nerds with badges who want to be hall monitors. Karma already works without micromanaging a delightfully democratic environment.

Seriously. Step away from the dickitude.

This is great! I thought the same thing. And over the past few days, I have been taking time to rated and recommend more stories.<br />
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Like Zeligocity says....<br />
<br />
Don't be a ****.

Thank you for your suggestion. The EP staff is working on several new measures that will help control the drama on EP. The best way to deal with a member who you do not get along with is to block them. If they are engaging in personal attacks, flag, report, block and leave it to EP to retaliate. <br />
We will keep your suggestion in mind when discussing possible solutions to EP drama.

I like this idea.