"I Want to Improve the Experience Project"

"I want to improve the Experience Project"

I have been vegetarian (not vegan) for several years because of how animals are slaughtered. Does the extra time count? (About 3 years).  By the way, I can't stand  the taste of meat or fish anymore (tried a "tiny" piece of meat in March 2008, and of crawfish in October 2008) though they used to be my favourite foods.  But free-range eggs still taste fine (all eggs taste fine, but if they are not free-range, the hen has suffered terribly. (Especially if  they are not as free as the farmers claim they are and are kept in "batteries".  I am campaigning to have inspectors allowed to do a search of the farms at any hour of the day or night to report back to the customers what they found and if the animals were really free.  Free range milk is available here in Cape Town now too.  Just not sure about butter, cheese or youghurt.   (Haven't found any yet -- at least not marked on the labels, as I am sure they would be as many people would stop being Vegans, and go back to being lacto-ovo (milk and eggs) vegetarians if milk, cheese, yougurt and butter, existed as free-range products. Free-range doesn't mean the animals have to be outside, but they should not be packed together in tiny spaces fenced off like hen batteries or tied up in small metal cages where they can't move or interact with each other, especially their own newborn babies, which is very traumatic to all mammals (both the mother and the newborn).   In the day-time free-range animals should have the choice between being inside or outside (depending on the weather and their personal preference).  (I take Omega 3 capsules for Omega 3 oil -- so I am not completely vegan (yet!)  I don't want to eat meat or fish ever again...

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good for you ...sure it does

Pretty sure you're in the wrong group.