How About This...

Allot of people have expressed that they want the confessions page to go back to being a confessions page, and I have to say I agree. 

Unfortunately what was once a place for asking for help, getting something big off your chest, and giving and receiving support has now become little more than a playground. Clearly this is what some people want.

So lets give them one!

What I suggest is some kind of open forum, a page set out in much the same way as the confessions page..But this one will be for announcements, leaving messages for friends, song lyrics, random words and whatever else people want to post.

The confessions page can then go back to being a confessions page.

Everybody wins! 




After some feed back I would like to add the following Ideas:

  • I would like to suggest that there is no anonymous option on the notice board (For arguments sake I'm calling it that)  
  • Perhaps on the confessions board they could put a 'belongs on the notice board' flag, which would move the post and notify the poster. This way we could further prevent misuse of the confessions board. 


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31 Responses Feb 18, 2009

They only ask us what we want, so that they can use our response to sell on that data - target advertising.

Cool :) i can't agree more. nicely written too ^_^

Definitely not the end of our interest, we want a way to allow both serious confessions and chit chat as much as you do. We are discussing all the benefits and drawbacks of various options, including the one you proposed. Once we decide on a course of action, it will still take some time to get everything coded and implemented. We work as fast as we can, but everyone needs some sleep ;-P

Good idea! ;)

Sleepless, you win. <br />
<br />
Excellent suggestion :D

I am new to ep and I went to the confessions board with every intention of getting some really emotional stuff off my chest. After reading about 15 confessions, my fear was that I would have comments made negating my soul wrenching confessions. Hence, my decision not to post, but rather find experiences that related to mine and comment from there. I think your idea of having another board for the mindless banter, fun quips and such is a great idea. If this were to happen, I am sure that with time I would probably make use of the confession board. Thank you.

Absolutely Ya! (clapping & smiles)

sounds good to me....

I agree thats a good idea

I like the separate section area way more than simply adding an off-topic category. I don't like the off-topic idea, actually. It seems pointless and it's one more thing to fight about. The notification area... now there's an idea.

EP has made some changes to confessions already, the biggest change is the "off topic" category. You can view or hide off topic as you see fit, and as of yesterday you can flag confessions as off topic, and when enough flags are accumulated, its booted to the off topic section. <br />
The problem we are facing is having people appropriately flag the confessions as off topic. <br />
Is this system what you were thinking of for the notice board? Or were you thinking of a completely different section, unattached to confessions?

YES YES YES!!!! This needs to be .. EP PLEASE make it so!!! =)

Aren't you the smart ball!?!?!... Brilliant idea Sleepless...=)

Great idea, Sleepless! I clicked rec & am inspired by your cleverness and sense of organization.

good idea smart one!

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now

Sounds good to me. Although I have not ever used the confessions, I do occasionally comment on them. The questions format seems to overlap the confessions also.

Alright the "belongs on the notice board" flag is sheer brilliance!!!!! :)

Not to be a negative Nancy, because it is a good idea, but I don't think it will work.<br />
1. There's nothing to stop people from using the confessions board anyway, and<br />
2. without an anonymous option, the people who want to say things (not confessions) anonymously will definitely still use the confessions board.<br />
I like the idea in general though and I think it may help cut down on the amount of chit-chat going on in the confessions but it will also create another board that will have to be watched closely by EP to insure it's not just a place to attack and belittle. The flag option will have to be abundant.

great idea :)


interesting sleepless. very interesting.

I am "inspired" and I rec.

Sounds good I like it

You are good. Very, very good! This is indeed a cunning plan!

It is simple and brilliant, Sleepless.<br />
Aren't you the smart one.<br />
What do suggest calling this new feature?

As long as it is doesnt allow people to make anonymous attacks on others, I agree.

hear hear!