EP Please Fix This

Let's say for instance, you were born on leap day, February 29th and wanted to enter it into your profile as your "special day".  It defaults to March 1 like February 29, never existed, like it's not bad enough to only have a birthday once every four years; EP will not even let us list it as our special day.  I am so distraught with this turn of events I think I am going to turn off my computer, wait impatiently for EP to fix this gross error and go see my therapist.  I don't even have a therapist but now I think I NEED one.

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Fun fact: The extra day which is inserted into the month of February in "leap" years isn't February 29th ("leap" day), it is February 24th ("bissextile" day). Also by an English law passed in 1256 "the leap day and the day before are to be reckoned as one day for the purpose of calculating when a full year has passed. Thus, in England and Wales a person born on February 29 legally reaches the age of 18 or 21 on February 28 of the relevant year." -- Wikipedia<br />
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Which reminds me of another little-known fact. You actually gain all of the legal rights & responsibilities of your age at Noon on the day before your birthday.

Thank you Shay: Let me know what the research produces.

Thank you for you input. I guess we could list each others birthday!