Sleepless Had a Great Idea!

Hi everyone... The confessions board is not what it used to be. Now I do not mind some of the friend confessions because technically I've always been one who has had a little joking around time on the confession board, its just that it has exploded with more people taking part nearly every single day therefore changing the whole feel of the confession board for many.  SO, I feel that sleepless had a good idea in separating the confession board as a place to confess only and another place where everyone can come and talk about absolutely anything.... well not anything.  I feel that it should also be just as regulated as the current confession board with mature sections and what not.  Basically a clone but a place where if one's post isn't super serious or in need of advice so that everyone can have what they want and drama can be held at a minimum... well as best as drama can be held at a  minimum... haha... Also, maybe there could be a feature where one could "hide" a confession they don't want to read so they don't necessarily have to block someone to avoid reading specific postings. So lets recap:

1. two separate areas similar but different

2. Organized settings etc as to make viewing what kinds of posts one would like to see and ones that one wouldn't want to see so much easier. (for example: if one didn't want to see anything mature or random lyrics etc). To make this easier we could have tabs so people can post the related posting in its designated position.

3. make sure there is still a flagging system for drama starting postings and such like the rest of EP is set up. (we all know people are sneaky about talking about others in disrespectful ways without specifically calling out their target) 

4. finally, a "hide" button so one can simply hide a post they do not wish to see/read every time they hit refresh, saving many from having to block just to avoid specific postings at the moment.  The hide button can be easily reversed by simply hitting the same button again so one could see the confession normal again. (I would find this most helpful when a certain post is "stretching" the screen and flagging isn't necessarily helping out at the current moment)



NOTE: I do NOT feel the confessions are not losing their confession appeal solely because of teens. It is people of all ages that are using it for other means than getting something off their chest.

hae hae
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These are some great suggestions and I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us. We are currently working on further improving the confession section and will certainly be discussing your suggestions. In one of your suggestions you mentioned wanting a way to organize and filter specific type of confessions so as to avoid having to view or read lyrics or other unrelated posts. I can happily say that a recently added feature allows members to filter off-topic and/or anonymous posts by turning on/off these filters which display on the top of the confessions page.

Absolutely - very well said you guys.

I really don't think its a teen problem, I just thing there are a lot of people discontented with the new transition into a greater number of people hanging out there...I was just offering some ideas that could make everyone happy.

i agree with all of you!

Amen. I agree, wiseowl.

I agree with hae. Confessions is turning into a teenage blog.They use it to chat..and describe sex acts, the language..drama.Insulting and arguing . I believe in flagging . I'd like to see confessions restored. It isn't suitable for minors...adults are staying away. Teenagers need their own spot..or flag to move the teens comments into the adult section.

aww no problem! just trying to help! I noticed this is the main things people complain about so I'm working with what I feel would work best for everyone.

Thanks for the break down of the specific features you are looking for, this is very helpful :-)