I'm tired of checking the popular stories and seeing mainly sexual stuff.
Have some decency, people, don't promote that..
Especially knowing there are children on here..
Would you want your kids exposed to filth?
akaShaun akaShaun
18-21, M
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akashaun, you need to stop this line of insulting me and making unfounded charges about my kids or, I will flag you violating the terms of service. You make statements that are hurtful and not supported by any evidence. You claim to have wisdom yet, you have yet to demonstrate the IQ of an idiot. I will only take so much before I put a stop to it. If you know of anyone here or anywhere else that is a sexual predator, then man up and identify and report that person to authorities. Otherwise, back off and grow up. I have a zero tolerance for ignorance and stupidity and you are the poster boy for ignorance and stupidity. A wise person understands that in life, there are consequences for the things you say and do that hurt and harm others. You have exceeded my limit in tolerance ten fold.

Shut up, ****.

Now if you report me, I can report you for constant harassment.
What happens between your moronic kids and I Is our business.

You realize you're just another ***** to me? Nothing you say bugs me. You're a nobody,

And I don't send out hateful statements for no reason.. I believe in sending positive vibes but I'm not afraid to speak my mind on my subject.
So report me, I've got multiple people to back up my positivity.

I guarantee I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

Again, you are missing the point. It is irrelevant what I would want my kids exposed to because, as a concerned parent and understanding that filth is something I define as, obsessed with violence, guns or harming others. Sex is not filth and expressing yourself openly about sex is not filth. And, you are in need of therapy to come to terms with your own sexual shortcomings. Worry about yourself and not my kids! I also need to note that you equate sexual expression with indecency. I dont know you but in just one paragraph you have told me everything I need to know about you. Let me point out that had your parents not gotten down dirty and filthy, you wouldnt be here now and there is something ironic about that. I wonder how you feel about one of your kids packing heat to school every day. Or, self mutilation or worse yet, being raised by parents who dont show affection for each other and, are in denial about realizing that it isnt being open that is harmful to kids, it is being distant and closed minded. Ponder that for awhile then tell me again how much more wiser you are than me.

I'm talking about sexual predators on here as well.. Your kids probably would be taken advantage of

You've showed me 0 proof of being wiser than me.
Sex isn't bad, but exposure to it and predators are.

And honestly shut the **** up because you know nothing about me. You can read every post about me and you still wouldn't understand me.

So Mr. Wise, next time, don't **** with someone who has nothing to lose.

You guarantee? You can only gaurantee what you can produce. I am wiser than you because I am not going to waste time and energy explaining what should be obvious to you. I would suggest that you show respect towards elders and accept the fact that your ignorance and arrogance prevents you from learning and growing as a person. This discussion is over

You're arguing with a 16yr old but you're wise? Ok

Yes I know many teens and, believe it or not, I was once a teen myself. What I know about teens is, they are not as smart as they think they are and should take counsel from adults much smarter and wiser than they are. One day you will be an adult and you will understand what I mean as you try to enlighten teens like you used to be. It is life so, it is complicated

1. I guarantee I'm wiser than you.

2. We don't have to be looking for mature content for it to show up

3. Who was even talking about me being a teenager?

4. If I was a girl, you wouldn't have had this convo with me

Excuse me but, I note that you are under 18 and therefore, a child. So why are you reading Mature Content in the first place when you are not over 18.

You don't know many teens do you?

Yes :P