Limit Confessions to One Per Day

The Confessions board has been taken over by bored tweenagers who are using the area for blogging and chatting.

If EP does some SIMPLE programming tweaks and limits the number of times members can post Confessions to just ONCE per day that would immediately end the "texting effect" wherein 3 people chatting amongst themselves fill up 5 pages of Confessions.

People will still be free to say whatever they want....but they won't be able to dominate the COnfessions board. When someone is posting a single (usually nonsensical) sentence every 10mins they are in effect blocking anyone else from having their confession read. Someone will post a serious story, but because 3 people are "chatting" that story gets driven back 15 pages....far enough to where very few people will actually be able to read it and comment on it.

Simply changing it to one confession per day will solve all these problems. Quickly, easily and democratically.

niceguyinhell niceguyinhell
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

EPArsineh, how exactly would posting only one confession per day "limit" members in any significant way? <br />
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And introducing a new chatter board will probably not work because (imho) in misses the psychology behind why some people are posting in confessions. Everyone wants to read the steamy sex confessions...and if your a bored teenager looking to post in a place guaranteed to get the most attention then your going to post in confession.<br />
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Chatter might work, but most likely not. The kids want attention and they know everyone is going to go to Confessions (sex, drugs and rock-and-roll) as opposed to a section specifically designed for the semi-literate to post in.<br />
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You're just going to be stuck with the same problem.<br />
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Limiting people to one soul-baring confession per day (c'mon, real people only have one legitimate story about seducing their mother-in law per day) is not a significant limitation....and it would actually achieve the result we're all looking for.

I appreciate your suggestion. Though there are a number of members who abuse the confession board and fill it with irrelevant posts and chatter there are many who benefit significantly from this area of the site. Though we agree with you that limiting the number of posts would reduce chatter it would also restrict members who are using the section correct. We are currently working on introducing a new board for chatter which we expect will return the confession section to what it was intended to be. In the meantime please continue to flag inappropriate or irrelevant posts.

i dont visit there either.

I don't visit the confessions often so I'm surprised to hear its being used for tweenager blogging. That is kind of disappointing. You're right, there probably should be a confession limit. EP has its own blogging section for the blogging. Leave the confessions to the confessors.