Hey EP, maybe you should create an EP, Jr.

You should consider making an EP,Jr. for the minors if you are so worried about them reading adult experiences, instead of trying so hard to keep us from expressing ourselves and sharing our experiences. I remember when I joined EP years ago, it was totally different and so much better. I hate seeing my wall full of stories that are by 13-15 yr olds, they need a place to vent too. I totally agree with that, but it shouldn't be in the same place as someone much older...much more experienced that are talking about things they couldn't even comprehend. Stop trying to treat us like children, and get an appropriate site for the minors.
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agreee....agreee...with you... but dont know why this ep is doing such an idiotic work.

well now a days even you try to put some adult only kids are so smart that easily they can hack even the things we don't want them to see.LOL

I completely agree!