Google Searching?

I don't like the format of "search" anymore.

It used to be so easy, pop in a word or two, and you get an easy to read list of experience groups.

Now there's entirely too much to look at on the page. Just my opinion, but I don't like it. Maybe there's a way to search the old way? I don't want google looking at every single story for the word I'm looking for in an experience group. It brings up too many stories that don't even pertain to what I'm looking for.

I just want the group titles.

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5 Responses Mar 1, 2009

We recently updated the search bar to provide members the ability to find more relevant results. You can now find relevant groups, stories, confessions, and questions. You can also refine results so that only specific categories are displayed. Do this by selecting the desired category located just above the search results. <br />
<br />
Your feedback is incredibly helpful and we're always looking for ways to improve the site for our members, so let us know specifically what you don't like about the new search bar by posting comments here or by emailing

the new search BLOWS

I don't like this new search either. : (

and here on Ep what they need to do is get a seach function that can match words or similar words because i have typed in group names and it can't find them even though they are real groups

When you search something, at the top of the search is a link that says something like "go back to original search"