Can We get rid of the taboo groups?After reading a friends concerens I looked up some of these groups. The worst one Dear EP Admins should make You cringe,and ashamed that it exist! "I Discovered That EP Is a Great Place to Discuss Taboos"! Well,it shouldn't be! Shame on You for letting this go on!
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YES, please get rid of them.

With millions of members from around the world the term taboo can mean many things different people. For example per-marital sex is considered taboo for some groups. Though we allow conversations around sexuality we certainly have rules in place for what is and is not tolerated. If you believe content is violating our terms of service please flag it so that EP staff and review and take any necessary action.

Yes many thing can be taboo but Im not seeing many things.Mostly stories of underage.Some by underage and grown ups encouraging them.

I'm not sure what taboo,s but I'm sure you will make a decision that benefits everyone. ' EP is a great place to discuss taboo,s ' you've said. Can you seriously not see what a fantastic opportunity EP has here to show it really cares about it's children. If they get banned from your site then all it is doing is pushing the problem onto someone else. You Americans make me sick sometimes. Look at the most popular experiences on your site. I've done my fair share of the same. These kids want love, care, trust and someone to talk to. Only then will they show any adults any respect. Why should they when the one place they seem to be happy with by that comment you say, is maybe deciding to punish them. Without talking to them.
If you do ban them I hope you will also ban all the men that reply aswell because you mentioned that. Why I haven't a clue. Make sure that includes me because I will not tire trying to help the children.
Do you guys seriously believe that all men are a threat to kids just because they talk to them on the internet? Can you keep me informed on this please. I am so willing to work with you on this. I have so many good suggestions help could be offered

Wait Just a Sec! I Did not Say Ep is a great place to discuss a-n-y-thing.No dummy.I never said ban kids.I want to see groups where predators wait for kids gone.Kids should have some one too talk too I agree but come on,If You would bother to look at WHO is responding to them maybe You'd get it.No I dont think all Men are a threat but,have You ever bothered too look at the post the men,and even women have put up? Do that,then get back to Me. Im betting You will have some enlightenment.

Well at least 2 people are talking about it. Your message doesn't matter whether it stated EP was a good place or not to discuss taboos. You have missed my point entirely. This site has an opportunity to show how much they care in their children's future by stating things like that. It came to the attention of EP that a influx in the number of men joining whether good or bad intentions that maybe you could do something about it. Then you have the perfect platform to ask the kids themselves what needs improving but on a delicate scale. Most parents and teachers are hated in America if I can quote responses from kids on the site. Teachers know they aren't respected but don't know why. How can these people tell the next generation of kids if they don't know. I've seen there's a couple of people, young girls , in the parenting section that are doing something about it by involving their help around problems caused at early stages of a child's life. This is great and I hope they have help .
Doesn't make me a dummy though

I agree with boy of you. But the problem is there are sooooooo many adult subjects here that kids shouldn't be exposed to! I know exactly what Texan is saying. And yes not everyone is a predator. But they are out there. Kids don't know who they are talking to on the other end of the key board. None of us do.
But before you start bashing Americans, please remember that we just want kids protected. And I am one who wants age restrictions on here.

Ok fair point it's absolutely nothing personal just infuriates me that the kids don't have a voice in any matters . They just have to go along with what's been decided. A few have mentioned this to me aswell. Nevertheless as long as people like yourself, Texan and I are at least on the same page when it comes to the kids interests maybe something will get done . There's alwsys hope lol

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Hey big man! Can you go into further detail? Are we talking borderline illegal stuff here?

Pretty much.It only takes a few young ones to bring out a lot of older ones.I just went thru some of the members of that group.Amazing how many 30 + have 13+ In their circle!

I have heard it all now. Yes I agree there's a growing problem with kids going on the net and meeting the wrong type of person. I hope you've done your homework before you start making sweeping statements like that. Statements like that don't help kids. The teenagers on your site are there sharing their experiences with others because they hate their parents, their families, their schools, don't feel loved, have a dysfunctional family and have no one to talk to. These are the most popular experiences I've found on the app age bracket 13-17.
Maybe this might wake you all up. There are a few , only a few kids the same age who really want to help kids their own age. These are kids I've found out that have had their own share of awful experiences and have come out the other end ok. They want to help and there could be a great opportunity to use this with those who know what they are talking about. Not people like you and me that can't get our heads around some of the things these kids have to deal with

Ok.Ive just checked You out I think You do maybe care about these kids.Have You any of Your Own? If not,believe Me You may feel different if You did.Are You a predator? I dont think so.So why are You missing My point? Point being that their are some groups that invite the predators.Where do You see a sweeping statement?I read Your post about being warned about kids.There is a difference between You and the guys Im talking about.Yea I went thru the groups Your in and all that.So why is it so hard for You to get the point that some groups encourage predators?

I agree with that I'm trying to raise awareness to a great opportunity to do something about it all. There's no point you and me arguing when it's there in black and white on the site from the kids mouths. I keep saying the children of America are pissed because no one cares about them. No I haven't got kids and if I did maybe I would feel different yes but what a thing to argue about . Constructive criticism please if you want to discuss this anymore. There's nothing in it for me other than self believe. That's it.
I've read things from various parents about it all and yes it is hard work from what I know but kids are put on anti depressants at the age of 6 because the parents can't handle their behaviour. What does that tell you. It tells me that now there a million that are on drugs for depression. Imagine that. I can't cause when I was a kid it was all different. That figure of a million was something the father of Adam Lanza had found out so I'm not sure whether it's accurate

I think,its a shame that drugs are the answer to so many things,but I think thats the biggest difference from when We were kids.abuse has always been around.The internet is a two sided coin sadly.

I do understand where you are coming from my friend. Seriously. I'm just fed up with hearing parents go on about possible sex offenders being involved which then makes the other parents judges and it then gets to the point where most adults these days, if they saw a kid lost in town, would rather ignore him than take his hand or pick him up to help find his parents for fear of the accusations he may get. It's pathetic. Rather than spend too much time worrying about pervs talking to the kids I think more time should be spent on ways that help the kid. Nothing has worked yet.

I'm an adult. Could you please explain to me what borderline illegal stuff is. I bet no one our generation does. If they do it's not mentioned much. Communication between adults and their kids about the dangers of ' borderline stuff' never go on. School,doesn't educate them on these things either. They are not to blame for not knowing yet there's so much anger on your site. Maybe offering the help that these kids missed out on from their parents and teachers could be a start. So many experiences are from kids saying they are just bored and just want to talk. Everything is there on a plate to try at least.

Okay try this hat on.There is one guy on here who feels that as soon as a girl bleeds shes ready to breed.his words not mine.Should He be able to talk to the girls?How hard could it Be to just not let kids into adult groups?Is it really so hard to understand that they should not be allowed into groups that encourage bad behavior?

Well I don't know why this hasn't happened anyway. Please don't think I'm arguing against you about these men. There's a problem with these type of men, the world knows that and still the numbers increase so people don't care. I don't. But I do care for those who didn't ask to be born and then feel as if they never had a father figure in their live. Some kids want to feel the love of a parent which these trolls know and they use things like this in order to gain trust. I don't know the answer to that but I do know where the problem lies. I thin

Now that is exactly my point.

Its not so much about the group as the ones who are in it.Kids who crave attention will be often look in the wrong places.I want to protect them.That post was intended to do.

Hi how's things? I wasn't aware there were different groups on here. Anychance you could pm me so I can see for myself. That argument we had yesterday is only because we are both passionate about helping these kids and I didn't even know what groups you were talking about. Cheers

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