It appears that the flaggers are waving their flags. I suspect it's because some mental giant is having fun exploiting the weaknesses in the automated system....again.

I have a suggestion: Limit people to 10 flags per account per day and don't automatically suspend an account. Put it in review where a real live person looks at the "iffy list".

And look at the flaggers - if there's a common thread of flagging without reason - ban the flagger's account.
justpassinthrough justpassinthrough
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Can I ask you a question my dear sir?


How old are you dear sir and what is your profession? (I know I said one question) :)

That's way too many moving parts. I'm not saying EP doesn't do well, but that's practically a dream. There are far to many people to keep track of.

I doubt there are all that many flaggers to deal with. and with the problems the automated system is causing, the moving parts in place are broken.

i very much agree with this!