Seperate the 18+ age group from all those 17- by implementing an age verification process into account creation steps. On some older mobile browsers the age/gender selection tabs in the search process are don't register any selection made.,defaulting to all/all once the search is activated. Or add an account default selection that places the user in either of those categories for the duration off their current session.
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How exactly would you implement an "age verification process?" That's sounds tricky.

Thanks for sharing this with me. Minors and adult members see different versions of the site. If however you have reason to believe an adult or minor is misrepresenting their age to get past our automated filters, please report the account by flagging and EP staff will address it immediately. Protecting our minors while still maintaining this as a place where people can share openly is important to us.

I second this whole heartedly! It's almost dangerous to advise a 13 year old child. Too young, much too young!!