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So I am reading a story and having a good time. Then I am reading all the subsequent comments--still having a good time. All is going along quite well until I come to a blank. A big blank box. It is not because I have blocked that respondent--I actually appreciate that feature, because if I have blocked someone it means I don't ever want to read what they have to say. So I get that.

But this whole low-threshold thing--not cool-- and here's why. Apparently people who disagree with a comment can rate it right into the ground. I can still see it if I want to. I can click or not click. But how is it that people can do that to the AUTHOR of the original story? In other words--the author's comments can be redacted on his own story. I think that is what you might call a glitch.

Because juvenile people who don't like the story can act in unison and rate the author's comments negatively so that they effectively disappear, which disrupts the flow of the conversation. It's just juvenile.

The author of the story should be exempt from having his own comments tampered with on his story. I have made the case in the past that the author should be able to "own" the story and kind of regulate the tone and direction it takes. Allowing readers to mock that is wrong in my opinion.

As usual, some people will always find a way to abuse a feature. I'm thinking these are the same people who post nasty stuff in anonymous confessions too. Lets' take all the neat new features that Ep offers and find a way to pervert them.

C'mon. That's not right.

Oh, wait. I forgot the question. Is there a way to fix this?

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11 Responses Mar 5, 2009

i can relate to your defense mechanism nora i do the same when i'm nervous or scared

Nora you started something good here if you have something against anyone commenting please just drop it ok? pretty please LOL i like these kinds of positive stories

...find a happy place...find a happy place...Oh hi!<br />
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o_O<br />
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Um comment threshold. Yes. Lets ask them to fix that.

How can we find a way to pervert them? "last paragraph"<br />
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: ) That is a good question...<br />
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Sorry don't mean to pick,, I just thought that was funny. lol

Yes, they do need to make the thumbs down threshold a lot higher. Three is far too low. Four, still too low. Five, and that's just enough to bug your friends to join the bandwagon...which is sad but happens.<br />
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Over six sounds good. But over six. People can see the rating anyway so there's no need to hide it unless it is extremely unpopular of an argument.

i went through here earlier and any comment i saw with a thumbs down i gave it a thumbs up LOL

what needs to be done to help fix these abuses is for all the good people here to stick together and in a polite and constructive way advise the EP staff of what is going on. they may not be able to fix it right away and in some cases they may not be able to fix it at all but the staff here is very hard working and very attentive to suggestions and problems brought to their attention by members. unfortunately it is a small staff so sometimes it takes awhile.

I recently sent a private email regarding a similar issue. I was noticing that all of my caption and question of the day responses were -1 or -2, everyday. It was strange because that had never happened to me.<br />
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So I became suspicious that someone may not like me, or the person who perhaps needs me to go down a point so that they can win gave me a thumbs down. This is completely not fair.<br />
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NO ONE should be allowed to take points away from someone on here. I hope they change this, since it appears I am not the only one who is addressing this issue.

I didn't even know that could be done, that's ridiculous.

i guess i haven't seen this yet. i usually just get nasty comments in stories and if i was discussing politics i sometimes get nasty pm's. which is also very childish but they all know i am an easy target because i get depressed and give up easily.

exactly<br />
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who's dumb idea ws it to rate comments anyway