The new inbox lay-out isn’t all that satisfying. It’s not all bad, but there are certainly several issues that could be improved.

It actually doesn’t look so bad. It appears more smooth and business-like than the old-lay out. The old lay-out desperately needed an update. It is very similar to the whiteboard look now, which is a good thing. The messages are sorted neater on top of each other and it’s more appropriate for shorter messages. This is good thing as the inbox is a mixture of messages and chats, now that the official chat function has been gone for a while.

The double scroll bar needs to go. This is really annoying and universally disliked by the users here. Make it one scroll bar like it was before. Also when you scroll up, we don’t need to have the reply box in place. It can stay at the bottom, out of sight. The standard width is also annoying. It’s way too small. The inbox needs a wider lay-out than the whiteboards, because the messages are ,generally speaking, much longer. It can be adjusted, true, but it’s still not convenient.
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An excellent analysis of the positives and negatives. One thing you forgot to mention is the fact that you can't start a new thread anymore. Somehow you're only allowed one thread for every single user you exchange messages with now.

Thanks for taking the time to share your detailed feedback. We are removing the ads that the bottom of the page to increase space for messages. We're also doing away with the 2nd scroll bar so there will only be one single scroll option.

Thank you- that will really help. I also hope the reply box will be "floating" again and not locked in place and will increase in size as it used to.

We are also going to update the reply box to increase in size as your message gets longer :) I think once the double scrolling issue is solved, the reply box should act more similarly to how it was previously.

Arsineh, but when? These changes will be huge. Does EP have any idea how many people were staggered by these short-sighted changes? I have friends asking me, those that can at least see my messages. Some can't.
Don't lose the heart and soul of EP by destroying messaging. That's what keeps people in communication, and makes your community.

Agreed about the double scroll. This was a quick UI fix to patch up the issues we had before but we are definitely going to keep making improvements.

Great observations!
You are spot on with the negatives, all of which are a disaster. The double scroll bar kills everything. Already several people have sent me their email addresses because they are unable to get my messages.
What were they thinking? There's way less text area now- 13 lines can be seen versus 34 before.
I think it's all about the ads, or their apps, or both.