A Couple of Suggestions

1. i know that minors can block adult members from viewing their profiles which is a great idea! i would suggest that perhaps the opposite should be an option as well. as an adult i am not sure i want minors to be viewing my profile or adding me as a friend. i understand there are a lot of good kids on here but i fear there may be some just looking to cause trouble.

2. giving a thumbs up to a comment is a nice gesture that is ok with me but i have a problem with the thumbs down. it seems that some people are using this as a way of attacking other members. they follow them around in little groups and give thumbs down to a persons comments over and over. people this is very childish and immature and needs to stop. if you don't like someone it is very easy to avoid them here just block them and forget them i have done it myself. following them around with your "posse" and harassing them is just....well stupid!


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thanks Arsineh but unfortunately it is hard if not impossible to prove that it is one specific person as it is all done anonymously, thanks for taking the time to respond though it is greatly appreciated. you guys do a great job!

Thank you for the great suggestions. As mentioned earlier in this thread we do allow adult members to block individual minors by visiting their profile page. As for adding a feature that will allow adults to block all minors, will discuss the possibility of adding this feature at our next team meeting. <br />
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The thumbs up/thumbs down rating system is used to effectively sort comments/answers. In the past we have not seen this feature abused and instead have seen that it’s quite useful in lowering the rank of irrelevant comments. If you believe that a specific member is maliciously ranking your comments you can opt to block that member which will take away their ability to rank your answers/comments. <br />
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Also, you can always contact us if you are concerned that a specific member is abusing the ranking system. Similar to flagging, abuse to this feature is taken seriously.

well that will give us something to show EP what i mean any way maybe they will see it is being abused

oh yeah you could always do that i'm saying you should be able to check a box on your profile to block all minors

If you go to a minors profile you get the blocked message. One of the options on that page is to block them as well!

really? how? i checked on the edit profile page before i posted this

BTW, they have already the ability for you to block a minor from your profile. That happened back about a month or so ago!

Hmm...they need to up the "thumbs down" threshold. Three down is too little!<br />
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Just make it more than six thumbs down. Because by that time the little buddies would have to get more of their friends to gang up...and that would just be too much work, lol!

Nice idea Rick.

hey marji it was you and nora trent that got me thinking about the thumbs issue and you who got me thinking about the minors as well but that was awhile ago. i am just the messenger hopefully bringing it to EP's attention

LOL floydian i don't want anyone attacking anyone else in my stories.....i don't want anyone attacking me either but i tend to draw criticism on occasion here

I gave missbebe a thumbs down ;)<br />
<br />
And this should take effect! =)

Ya, like I said, I see what they're trying to do. And I don't really have a problem with the 'hiding' feature. It's probably the best way to the other commenters regulate a story if the original author isn't around. <br />
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As for the "what do you get for a positive rating" question, i've had a comment have like 14 positive nods. I didn't get anything :(<br />
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Oh and Keith, I do respect you. Don't hesitate to tell me if I go over the line and insult you, when I only meant to attack your reasoning :) We'll never agree on much, but I don't want it to get to a personal insult stage.

btw IT i should have given you credit for that comment i got it from reading your comment on the original story that brought this to my attention

right vendetta. this was in no way an attack on the EP staff they are a bunch of hardworking folks. i just heard about this and thought i would bring it to their attention hopefully they will see the story and maybe they can do something about it. on the off chance they do see this they should know that i respect them and the job they do and i understand they are a small group trying to oversee thousands of members which is virtually impossible.

VendettA...the comment is hidden but you can open it if you want to. What is wrong with that? Reality is most people will click to see the comment than not!

this is great Rick! I would like to have the option to block underage members - only because I have a hard time censoring myself sometimes. <br />
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And yeah - the thumbs down - great suggestion.

Interesting... I knew how it worked for the public but I wasn't sure what it looked like to the person who actually made the comment. <br />
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I don't know. I guess I see why EP thought it would be a good idea to "hide" low rated comments, cuz it's probably meant for inflammatory or racist comments, something like that. They probably didn't see how people would abuse it, just get a couple of friends to jump on an "enemy's" comments and rate them badly until they are hidden. <br />
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I see both sides, but I guess if it were up to me I wouldn't have the "hide" feature. It's just a drag when people find childish ways to exploit a rule.

chris-i doubt that LOL maybe we should post another story to get a trophy for a certain amount of + nods LOL

So what happens if it get +3 nods? Do you get an award or something?????

VendettA...you may be a pain in the *** at times but I do respect you (believe it or not!).

Cool...it actually hides it and lets me open it if I want to. I like it!<br />
Hey!!!! Watch it VendettA...lol

btw it is still visible to me

so -3 nods equals a hidden comment for the public. Can you still see it, Rick?

aha!!!! the truth shall set us free LOL vendetta says my comment is hidden so the story i read was correct but i guess you can choose to see the comment if you want. this still doesn't seem quite right to me as most people won't bother with that.

Same here. I see how it works now. Hmmmm.......

No need, it's just as often my fault. Just ask Keith :)<br />
<br />
btw, your comment is now hidden for me.

well if vendetta is right then that comment should not be visible to the public right now unless you ask as i show it has 3 thumbs downs

All we need is one more according to vendetta. Someone go recruit one more...lol

thanks vendetta (sorry about our little discussion the other day i was not in a good place that day)

I gave you the BIG THUMBS DOWN...lol

I gave your comment a thumbs down, too, Rick. Only cuz you asked for it! I never give thumbs down.

Not sure, but I thought that the person that actually made the comment will also see the comment, but if it gets 3 thumbs down then the public has to "choose" to see it, it's hidden by default with a little "show" option.

I gave it a thumbs down....<br />
<br />
And your comment on asking for thumbs down is right above this one....

lets do an experiment as i said i only have what i have read to go by......everyone give this comment a thumbs down and i will check it regularly to see if it goes bye bye

Not sure why they would remove a comment that has a number of thumb downs. I like the idea of thumbs up or down but leave the comments in.

Well I agree with that. I usually give thumbs up to those I like and the comment has to be nasty for me to give a thumbs down. I just never knew that it would remove a comment. I agree it's useless. Why not do away with it?

that i do not know and i am only going by what i read its never happened to me as far as i know but the thumbs down is a useless thing anyway in my opinion its just a way of trying to hurt someones feelings and that is not what EP is or should be about

I got it. You just commented on it right?<br />
<br />
How many thumbs down does it take to remove a comment?

i knew someone would ask that let me see if i can figure out how to post the link chris LOL

Really? I didn't know that.<br />
<br />
Where is that story?

i know EP can't possibly monitor everything that is why this group exists. it gives members a chance to let EP know what is going on and they do check it out on occasion. <br />
<br />
chris i read about it in another story and then i saw it happen someone is following one of my friends around and attacking everything she says. i haven't had it happen to me yet (as far as i know anyway) but from what i understand if you get enough thumbs down's your comment disappears!

I haven't noticed the thumbs down thing you're talking about....