SOMETHING Has to Be Done.

Seriously, or people are going to start leaving.  This place is becoming more and more of a high school bathroom wall each day, rather than a place to come and be yourself and be accepted.

First of all, there needs to be a way to prevent anyone from having more than one profile.  I don't care who doesn't like me for saying that, oh well.  If you need to lead mulitple fake lives on EP, then you need help.  It disgusts me that people can get on here and develop close friendships, knowing they are not who they say they are.  Only one day to disappear on the people who have grown attached to them.

Second, the thumbs down feature?!?  That has to go!  That needs the be the next thing on EP's list of changes.  Let's just say I submit a caption of the day response, then someone else does.  If they notice I am one step away from them and a trophy, they can take my votes away.  Is that fair?!?  Do contestants on jeopardy get to take money away from their opponents??  NO!!!  Also, someone with more than one profile can conveniently take a vote from me, then log on to their other account and take a vote from me with that one and so on...


I believe if these changes occur then EP can be alot more enjoyable.

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10 Responses Mar 6, 2009

I mean, sometimes, if I'm in serious need of amusement, I go into the confesssions. They aren't confessions at all hardly anymore. It's some kid talking about how he is going to kill people and whatnot, or some sixteen year old girl talking about how some guy she likes that doesn't like her back or she doesn't know because she's too afraid to talk to him...<br />
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UGH! It's not called "diary of a high school drama queen/king", it's a confessions section! Where you confess to things that are bothering you. <br />
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I don't have a problem with the I WTK stories, but I think they should just go ahead and add some sort of section on the site that groups all of those quiz result type stories together. <br />
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And I know this is a site to express yourself, but some people take it to the point where it makes me uncomfortable. All of their top experiences are about sex, very vulgar. Especially the ones with the diaper wearers. They talk about peeing in their diapers. To each his own, but really I believe alot of people are trying to use EP as some sort of "adult friend finder" and it's disgusting. <br />
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EP is not a dating site-- Yeah, I know, but I didn't come here with those intentions-- If you find someone here that you bond with over time and fall in love that's one thing, but coming on here with the intent to hook up is not what this place is about.

Yeah it keeps me going =]

at least you have a sense of humor, heroin.

Oh, but EP is my life. All twenty of my EP profiles need adequate attention.

...and so tulick demonstrates why EP thought thumbs down was a good idea. Such negativity.

i have a better idea you get a life

LOL! Me too! It sounds like fun today =]

I'm going to whip out all of my different EP accounts and give thumbs down to all these comments. <br />
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IDK but they were pretty d**n dumb not to think that people we're gonna abuse it =[

whose dumb a** idea was thumbs up thums down anyway