Last night as I approached 6,000 welcome letters for the night I did an experiment to determine why I am no longer getting responses to the welcome letters except the very few welcome that are years old and only now being received

I set up anew sock account. It was included in the list of people to be welcomed. It was included in the list of those to whom the welcome was sent. But the only welcome was the brief welcome from EPAllie. I have been earning tokens under false pretenses.
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3 Responses Aug 31, 2014

welcome letters ?

I had trouble with my spelling so I am not sure which was in place: MyStilittoes, MySitillitoes or MyStilettos.
It that causes a problem I can generate a new one and stick with one spelling.
Back before changes were made in sending and such I estimated one or two percent return based on the points I would get for sending the messages and the points I would spend to send flowers to everyone who responded in any way. My point total stayed pretty consistent meaning the ten times more expensive flowers were paid for in general by the points I accumulated sending messages.

We're currently revamping the entire volunteer program and fixing existing bugs.

That said, we are under the impression that all welcome messages are going through. Please share the username you sent the message to and we'll investigate.

So far, for the 5926 I sent last week not one response.