Sure - What Is "Bug #1"? - a Comment and a Q:

There needs to be a "help" area that is searchable - like a whole tab, with the FAQ, and this group (because this is where the FAQ says to post), with a "post your question" type field at the top.  IMHO It's not intuitive or easy to get a find an answer for a question here.

Now the Q:

"This user's general privacy restrictions prevent you from viewing their profile. You have not been blocked specifically."  This is because they have checked one or both of the following, correct?

Have profiles flagged as 'adult'/'mature'
Are not in my circle

What does one do or how is one "flagged" as 'adult'/'mature' - and what are the specifics - can a non-adult join adult groups,  for example?

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

I believe that yes - if you have a red dot, belong to adult groups, this comes up. If the person is under 18 - this comes up. Or if they block u - this comes up. Don't quote me :)