Sinister Or Sincere. It Can Be Confusing. Definately.

Someone said to me recently, don't always assume someone is being malicious--it might just be that they are ignorant, and by that I mean--not understanding.

And after that sunk in and I realized what great advice that was, I added to it in my own mind. Maybe when you think that someone is being really mean, here and in person, it might be a lot less sinister than you think. It might be that they are afaid, or that you hit a nerve with them, or that they are jealous for some reason, or it might be also, that what you were trying to say was misconstrued.

Or it could be that the person is having a crappy day and looking to lash out at someone and you got in the way. That happens all the time--everyone knows that.

But in EVERY instance, EVERY time, no matter what the circumstances--"I'm sorry" does the trick. It is hard to say sometimes though, so maybe an "I'm Sorry" or an "I Apologize" gesture is in order. That way, if you screw up you can delete your comment, click..."sorry"...and move on--end it before it even gets started. Just a thought.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

Good idea, Nora. However, "I'm sorry" doesn't come as naturally to most people as it does to you. I think my husband said it once in ten years. Maybe he never did anything he needed to apologize for! Or so he thought...