Individual Activity Log Possibility,favorites and Clarification?

Is there a way to 'chart'/track our individual activities on the site much like the My Circle Activity and My Experience Group Activity expansion tables - but JUST our individual activity synopsis ongoing and charted much like the mood and health meters?  This would make it SO much easier to follow up on our own activity without clogging the servers with outgoing emails or without a bunch of research, i.e. where'd I find that story and who wrote it again?  (I have short term memory problems which seem to be rather common ... who knew!?!?)

It's just a thought...

On that same note ... even if individual activity logging option was available there's still no way to denote a favorite story so you can come back to it at a later time (perhaps after much thought or when you have adequate time to comment, etc.)  Somewhere along the line you either have to remember it or manually denote it and hope you can find your manual notation as well as the story itself after having gathered your thoughts!  I've lost many good stories this way.

I submitted a story called "It's a toss up" or something of the like.  Please review that story and re-read it if you have already seen it.  There was a MASSIVE mix up in what I was referring to vs what a commentor took off with.  I clarified this in a comment hopefully.  Please reconsider the submission.


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1 Response Aug 16, 2007

Hi, no mix up-- I'll respond in that thread...