Do I Have Any Comments?

There must be a way for me find old comments I have made.  Does anyone know how?  It has been a while since I logged on so my "Recent Acitivity" field is blank.  Suggestions appreciated.

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Okay flourlady111, I understand. When I comment on someone else's story, a page then comes up with two options: 1) directions to get to comments I have made only on my own stories, and 2) a hot-key to link to a listing of all comments I have ever made. Thank you!

Sigh! I don't know if it was the same place or not. There are so many duplicate threads,

I managed to find a place where my old comments should have been, but they weren't there. Do comments just go away after a while?

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I know I made some comments in December. How do I find this page which shows them?

it tells you when you comment. there is a page that shows it