Something That Really Bothers Me...

I'm so sick of this already:

I don't think we should have to filter ALL adult content to filter the mature confessions. I put the filter on so I didn't have to read the horribly gross sex confessions, right? But then, I have to go and take it off when I want to read my friend's blogs or stories (which may be mature but certainly aren't gross). Ugh, I hate the new confessions area. I think it's really stupid. And this is the thing I hate the most. It's so aggravating. If nothing else gets changed, it needs to be this. I mean, really... 

kleisse kleisse
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5 Responses Mar 15, 2009

The friends thing isn't bad but the only adult content I find gross is in the confessions so a mature section would be better... But, either one would be an improvement.

We're always looking for ways to improve the site for our member and appreciate getting feedback. Currently when the adult filter is turned on, all adult content is blocked. If we had a way for you to choose whether you wanted to block all adult content except for that which is written by your circle of friends, would that be an appealing option? What if we gave you the ability to filter all adult content but then made it easy for you accept adult content coming from specific members through a one-time process? We'd love to hear what you think, since we're always working to improve our filtering options.

Yep, I'm tired of reading them and I'm tired of not having access to my friends' blogs!

there should be a seperate section i agree!

I still think there should be a mature confession section.