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Hi, guys.  I like to do dream interpretations, but after doing an interpretation I have a terrible time getting back to the original dreams page.  Pressing "Return to Dreams Above" returns me over and over to the dream I just finished interpreting.  So does the "Go Back" function.  Using the Dream selection from the blue box at the bottom of the page takes me back to Page One, so I have to scroll through pages and pages to get to where I left off.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there some way to just click right back to the page of dream stories???

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Thanks, Erica. As it happens, I do have another suggestion. Sometimes in the Comments section I ask people questions about their dreams, (so I can make a better interpretation) and there is no way for me to know if they have answered or not. I then hunt through dream page until I can find the one I asked about. Maybe a subscription method like in the Stories would help by flagging my email. Or a blurb in the Circle Activities section? I know there aren't many interpreters, so this might not be worth your while, but thanks for asking!<br />
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Thanks for letting us know! This is now fixed. If you would be willing to work with us on other portions of the dream page that could use improvement, we would love to hear from someone active on that section of the site.