Upgrades and Complaint

At the touch of a button you can send a greeting card off to multiple recipients, I have yet to see this possible for messages. It would also be nice if there were a feature much like AOL in which you could type a brief part of the member's name and have it be 'auto suggested' by an EP address book or something. I was thinking, you have a library - why not just add the ability to save mail to the library and truly make it more useful than it is now. My singular complaint is regarding the lack of control over the fans. If I block someone or remove someone from my circle, why would I want that person to remain as a fan? That person should no longer have that option!!!!

I'd pay money if the damn LIBRARY function would actually work in a practical sense The library should be a place where you can archive your messages, favorite stories, goals, blog entries etc. I don't think it serves a function in it's current state.


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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I agree with you on the Library part. I've never used it because I think it's not yet functioned as a real library.

idk- greeting cards annoy me for that very reason. I don't want a message that comes to me because i fall on the right freinds list. I'd either rather have a personal message, or just read about it on a "Friends only" blog...