WHAT Were You Thinking?!?!

I have to say I am NOT a fan of this new so-and-so is now friends with such-and such. At first I thought it was an alright feature, didn't see the point in it, but it wasn't anything I minded, but now it doesn't just show someone adding someone else to their circle it announces them as friends, well I have only about half of the people who have fanned me in my circle, AND THERE'S A REASON FOR THAT. Now I am seeing who all my fans have added and such, I honestly don't care, if I wanted to know what someone was up to, I would have fanned them, since I didn't.....you get the point. Am I the only one who doesn't like this?

In addition, if this is a feature you really think necessary to keep, could theexperienceproject not be included? experienceproject is automatically friends with every new member, while I'm not against getting to know who new members are and welcoming them, I really don't think I need to know who EVERY new member is.

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OMG, Thank you so much, that was really annoying. :)

Yup! Engineering here-- we've tried to include many of the requests above. <br />
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This was a feature request by literally hundreds of people over the past year, so we were hoping you'd like it! <br />
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The idea was that people were resorting to using greeting cards or private messages to introduce new friends, but in this way people could get exposed quickly to people that your friends decided to be friends with. Since EP is generally anonymous, finding who you should connect with is a big issue and anything we can do to help is important. <br />
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Let us know if this isn't working the way you want it to and we'll be happy to revisit it!

I appreciate the feedback. The purpose of adding friendships to the feed was to allow members the opportunity to be introduced to new members and to encourage friendships. <br />
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All of your suggestions have been incorporated into the feed. You will only get friendship updates for your 'friends' not your fans. You will only receive announcements when they have formed a mutual friendship with others and have not instead opted to be a fan. Also, you're correct that ExperienceProject is friends with all members, but ExperienceProject has been blocked from this feed and you will not see these friendships display.<br />
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With these updates members will have the opportunity to get introduced to new friends while not having the feed overwhelmed with too much or irrelevant information.

Thank you, wiseowl, I hate this new feature it makes me feel oddly exposed. I don't see the point in it either, is it to try and introduce our friends to our new friends? I thought the point here was to find people YOU can relate to through common experiences. How is this helpful?

Big mistake EP ! It's no one's business who we add. You should have given us an option to be able to make it public.I didn't see an option to turn off this feature.A certain amount of privacy is the point..I wish you would remove this right away.

Yes, missbebe, I was thinking the same thing, I already have facebook, if that's all I wanted I would just leave here. I really really really hate this feature, I wish they would just remove it.

I know I hate that it announces people as friends, it started off just saying someone added them but it didn't say friends, now half my activity board is full of people adding others AND part of those are people who have added me, but I didn't add back but I'm still having to see their adding activity, the other part of them is all experienceproject becoming friends with all the new people, I'm mean really? I'm going to have to start blocking my fans and remove EP from my circle if they don't fix this feature.