This New Layout...

It's seriously driving me apeshit, guys!!!!

Please, for the love of all that is holy, change it back!!!!

drcynic drcynic
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I'm new here and don't know if this comment is related. Probably not! But I mostly on a small screen -a netbook - and when I enlarge on my browser I can't scroll from side to side!

I have a wide screen - and I agree with nudeinvegas.

by the way, this happens in both my IE and my Firefox. Both are the latest editions available.

I've got the same problem. I work on a lap top, and generally the pc monitors around here are wide screen. So this makes it even WORSE! I've got maybe 60% of the width of my page covered. It looks awful! When I try to enlarge the print, also, the whole thing goes totally screwy with the print no longer fitting in the boxes.

ShoreGuyCT - we've made some fixes for IE6. Let us know if this doesn't improve things!<br />
<br />
TheLovingPrincess - are you talking about recent activity when viewing your own public profile? Or, the circle activity or group activity under "My Page"? <br />
<br />

My monitor is larger, and I cannot stand the narrowness, and ctrl+R does not change anything. It is more than a little irritating.

Not even that swan, it is more like a runner on a big dining room table, skinny and really long!

I think my monitor is 14 inches and I notice a difference too. It's like Ep is a piece of paper laying on top of a big white table.

I dunno if im blind- but i dont notice a diffrence at all.

Sorry guys, but this new layout sucks rom my perspective. It is great if you are using a cell phone screen, but om my monitor is looks like a huge white page with all this stuff crammed in the middle. You guys do really great work, but in my opinion, this is a disaster and very unappetizing!

We sent you a PM... it really shouldn't require a full screen, in fact this layout works a LOT better on smaller monitors than the last one since we got rid of the big white space in the middle. Please force reload the page and let us know!

hey dr... <br />
<br />
are you seeing a lot of whitespace? That's a bug in Internet Explorer that we've now fixed (the content would be at the bottom of the page if that bug was happening). <br />
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If not, I hope it shouldn't drive you crazy-- we removed the whitespace in the middle of the page, widened the center column (the content), and widened the sidebar. The page should be fatter, not skinnier. For most of our users, the biggest change is more space for the center column. <br />
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Let us know how we can help... a force reload (control+R, or Apple+R) should bring things back into order...<br />
<br />
let us know...

See, I'm not the only one!