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Although you guys do incredible work, I beleive you have just laid an egg with this new layout.  Now what wa easy to read, albeit with the white space that was drving you nuts, is crammed so full that it looks like a tornado in action.  It is very unappealing and in my case, it makes it look like a huge white page with a bar down the center.  A big thumbs down from me and a request that you expand this mobile phone size screen!

One other unfortunate result of this badly though out decision on the profile page is that many of the activity entries do not have space to be fully included so they wrap and now it forces me to see even less than before because I could see it all previously but not the page is greatly elongated so I see even less than before and all on a postage stamp. This is truly atrocious. I am sorry to say that you guys have pulled a ***** on this. I use Firefox and have a 24" monitor and I have two 5" white stripes on either side with 9+ inches of material across my screen. This not encourage to to spend additional time wrecking my eyes and senses.

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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Apparently not at the moment. EP has settled on the 1024 pixel width which makes the profile page very crammed and full, as it does with the story page and the experience page. However, since most of the time is spent in your profile page, the problem was not as significant until they modified the profile page.

is anything going to be done about this?

i had trouble too my friend!