What Have You Guys Done?

I thought when you did it to the stories, hey: its ugly as hell! and I voiced my opinion. But at the very lest, I had my home page to come home to. Now, my home page is this emaciated representation of what it used to be before. Its so BUSY and CROWDED> its not a place to feel comfortable and happy any more.

You've made the pages too crowded. You've got a lot of boxes and information going on with the pages. White space isn't a bad thing!!! We need a couple of places to rest our eyes.

I would pay to be a member if it meant that I could have my old layout back, and the only reason I haven't paid yet is because I can't afford it.

Please don't take away my online sanctuary, put it back the way it was and stop making a horrible over stimulating ugly page that's supposed to be my online 'home'.


chairmanmeow chairmanmeow
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I surf the same ways as you: I've got lots of stuff going on, at least twelve tabs sometimes, I share bandwidth with someone when they're downloading. This new lay out doesn't make that any better though.

While I totally feel for you, I found this new layout fits my web-style more appropriately, but then again, I tend to have 12 tabs of web-surfing going on at any one time, and three to five downloads with a movie playing in the corner....yea, welcome to the ADD generation, look at all the action and text and colors and swirly-colors!!!!!!!!!!!!

preach it