Change Top Experiences--show All?

I would like to change my top experiences to add to them a group I have just created, but when I attempt to do so, the site does not bring up all of the groups I belong to--not nearly all of them.  The group I'd like to add to my top experiences is not included among the handful that do appear.

While I do belong to an awful lot of groups, I really wouldn't mind waiting for them all to load so I can change my top experiences.  In fact I had thought that was what would happen, so I'm puzzled to see so few of them appear on the page.  

If there could be a way to fix this for those of us with more groups than usual, I would really appreciate it.  Apologies if I'm missing something, I'm relatively new.

Also, while I'm here, I mailed EP a while back to ask if it's breaking the rules or considered Spamming to post the same story to more than one (related) group (i. e., crossposting).  I would also appreciate knowing about that as I would hate breaking any rules.

Thank you!  I find this site very interesting.  


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6 Responses Aug 20, 2007

I want to be able to get my newly added groups into my top experiences, I hope I don't have to delete some just so they'll be in my top 100..

Fantastic! I am very glad to see the group sort and friends sort has been expanded :D Disproportionately glad actually :D :D

by the way, check the problem now. You can sort up to your top 100 groups. We'll keep improving it, but that's better than before. :)

Oh it's our pleasure! Thanks for being part of EP! We can't improve if we don't know what you guys want, so keep it coming.

Thank you very much for the response and suggestion! I've had some run-ins with very unpleasant webmasters on other sites, so this was a refreshing change of pace. :)

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That's a known bug-- we'll up that limit very soon. Thank you for reminding us of its importance. <br />
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Also, we'd prefer if you did not cross-post--if you could message me and let me know what the two groups are, perhaps they should be merged into one. Also, you might post the story in the more appropriate group, then post a note in the other group's discussion forum that links to your original post. <br />
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Hope this helps... and thanks for all your feedback!