I Think There Should Be a Warning On Every Single Page!

I think there should be a red box warning of If you are in a crisis, please call for help: 1-800-273-8255, or 1-800-784-2433 (available 24/7). on every single page. I noticed people posting questions about killing themselves.  It shouldn't be so hard for them to find the numbers to call in hopes that they'll use it. If it can prevent one life being lost, it would have been worth it.

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As a moderator on a forum once, we were told to have the number to call at hand and ALWAYS refer people to it if they were suicidal. I think its a good idea - as you say, one life saved from committing that mistake is a bonus worth getting!

I work in healthcare.I have seen thousands of people who have tried or succeeded in committing suicide. It devastates entire families. I know somethings things get bad for people but with the proper help, they do get better too. Thanks

I admit there was a time in my life that I thought about it and came close but there was always a friend there just in time. It seems like there is a lot more of it going on today. I don't think they really "want" to die or they would not write here first, it is a cry for help that should not be ignored but on the flip side this "could be" the last stop before they do. Yes it is very sad!

Thank you cntryloner. Someone just posted a question on how to kill themselves painlessly. It's so sad.

Good reply JoJo!

Thanks Elfin......... You're the best!

Great idea JoJo and a rec from me

When people ask questions about committing suicide, I'd say they were in crisis. If they just had a reminder that there's someone, a live person on the other end whom they can talk to, it just may make a difference. You never know. Everyone has the opportunity to think for themselves. So, if you see something you don't like, you don't read it and you go on. Many people here are crying out for help, in case you haven't noticed.

If those numbers helped just 1 person it is well worth it. And it is a CHOICE for whomever to make. No one forces a person to call them just like no one forces anyone to put pills down their throats or put a gun to their head.

no just don't like those stupid things at the top of the screen<br />
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and i know people don't like to be thought of as in crisis because they have X experience

Nice, tulick. You must be one miserable person.

or maybe we should let them make choices for themselves

Very good idea Jojo! And there has been "a lot" of posting about wanting to die or feel like dying. I am glad you posted the numbers because I am going to write them down and when I come up on a story like that again I will post the numbers.