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Hello EP and thank you for this wonderful site! 

I don't know where else to ask these questions - I'm new here.  So maybe someone can help:

1.  I use a little netbook screen and when I make the page larger, I cannot scroll side to side.  It tries to scroll then bounces back.       I do not have this problem at any other sites.

2.  This one should be simpler.  I want to post pictures but the requirement is 1K (I think).  My photos are larger; do I need some kind of photo program like Irfanview to change the size of the pictures?

I feel like Alice in Wonderland!  Some things are too big, some too small.  Any help would be appreciated.


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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Thanks for the reply. I am finally getting around to looking at the screen resolution. (The issue with pictures I understand and can work with.) The netbook has Windows XP and the screnn resolution is 1024 X 600 which is the highest. Do you think changing would help? Like I said I only have the side scroll problem on this site. Thanks.

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For your first question, we need to know a few things before we can fix the issue. What screen resolution do you have? On windows vista, you go to control panel and can click "adjust screen resolution" then the number "1280x800 pixels" under the slide bar is the screen resolution. I am not sure if netbooks work exactly the same in finding the screen resolution, but it should tell you in display settings. If you have any trouble finding the information, let me know and I can see what I can do to help you out. <br />
Your second question is easier to answer. Yes, you do need to use some sort of image editor to resize your pictures. I believe the size of pictures is limited to 1mb not 1kb (which it very very tiny ;-P). You can get the size of the image down by change the resolution of the image. 72 dpi is standard web resolution, while some higher end camera take pictures at 300 dpi which is better for printing. When editing pictures make sure that you save a copy rather over-writing the original file! Once again, let me know if you need any help :-)