I Am Smarter Then the Rest of the People Here So Read This Above All Else and Forget the Other Noobs.

-One improvement to the site would be to replace in stories confessions and anywhere there is a next or previous is to put in numbers so it is easier to go back and look at things instead of going next forever.

-Another thing i have noticed is people complain about flagging. If something is truly bad it should be taken off asap, but if something is bad at all and it gets flagged it should be able to remain up. A simple solution to this is for EP officials to put a warning on accounts that have broken rules in the past, or caused unwanted drama. Like putting an account on red aleart or something so if they say something bad it can be taken down immediently. For the accounts with out the red aleart there stuff that got flagged would stay up till it could be reviewed.

- Also i would like a roar gesture to be added so i can use it.

- Need more holiday greeting cards added as well the selection is dull.

- In the confession section at the very bottom of the confession one said says subscribe, and share. While the other side said flag inappropriate, and block member. Those two sides should be switched because the share drop menu gets in the way all of the time!


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8 Responses Mar 25, 2009

It isnt my fault things that matter are boring...

I will screen shot that! but i remember perfectly. too bad i cant use my powers to help me with things that matter...

Okay i am now about to show you what makes me so awesome. Think back to the time you was trying to get spank and spatula as a gesture. I told you i would really like a roar gesture back then and you said it would be cool too.<br />
<br />

lies and slander!

see weren't they good.

Thank you for your suggestions about improving the flagging system. Your ideas will be taken into consideration when we make our next round of improvements. <br />
You suggestion for a new gesture will be taken into consideration when we add the next round. <br />
If you would like to donate your time designing new greeting cards for EP, please email support@experienceproject.com for the guidelines. If you would like to design and upload cards for personal use, you may do that as well for one token each. <br />
We will be doing a redesign of the confession section in the coming weeks. Thank you for you input :-)

np martha

I can't remember all that i was thinking but when i remember ill add them.