I Know What Would Make This Place Better....

Not that it isn't awesome already. Heehee! I've been talking to some friends of mine & because some are being attacked for opinions that they may or may not have, I thought maybe if we were given the same option as in confession in regards to comments. If we aren't as thick skinned as some & would rather not be attacked for certain thoughts or opinions, then we (the authors) could decide whether or not we want to allow comments on our stories. Is this possible EP? :)

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5 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I feel disloyal WynHaven but I have to disagree. Let me tell you why. I have had two guys attack two different post and I went after them. I not only stated why they were wrong to be so judgmental on the commit but I went to there profile site and gave them a PM copy of the public commit. In both cases we had a more sane PM exchange and ended up saying peace to each other. I have two new friends and I have a better understanding of there point of view. So after those commits I have to say I like commits. Of course, I’ll now get some real jerk who will not listen to reason and I will have to go to all the trouble and expense of hunting him down and explain in person why it is not nice to say bad things to me. Darn…DD

At first, I thought, the option to not allow comments is nice, but won't some people deny themselves the pleasure of hearing some great opinions along with the obnoxious ones - sometimes not allowing comments will not allow the positive comments come through and those negative commenters - leave them up and see if someone blasts them back - I have - after a SHORT period of time - delete and block them! And I guess if I wanted to comment on your story bad enough I can always pm you! Good luck with your endeavor - as you can see, I have mixed feelings on this.

I have no idea what you want me to do here,,,however, I want to say any thing anyone says that I just can't take I just delite,,some times I have even deleted the whole story,,,Then I think about what they said and I have an anwser for their hatefulness,,,,but I can not say it cause I deleted them That was stupid of me,,,some people you can not reach with your words,,,but be comforted in knowing that all will be rectafied,,,Good reigns here and bad is just going to have to find some where else to play their sick and twisted minds,,,EP is more light than night,,,,so we can stand strong and be who we are for real,,,I feel this is our right,,,we all have a voice here,,,I Love all of my family here,,,all of us need to raise our vibrations into the purple ray,,,focus on your inner selves,,,,healing all of your hearts,,,its time to stop the world and all desire for worldly things,,,our spirits need to perpare our selves,,, soon all that want a better way than the way things are now will have their way,,,so please don't leave I am sending all of you here on EP each and everyone a hedge of angels to protect and guide you to a place of total harmony,,,love and light mary

what got me is this person decided to attack my freinds.i don`t mind if they have a problem with me,but really?go ballistic on my freinds?just keep the drama to your self.

I appreciate your suggestion. I can understand that it can sometimes be intimidating to put your story up for all to see but that's also why EP is an anonymous site.<br />
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Though commenting on stories allows for friendships to grow and we encourage positive dialogs we will not tolerate personal attacks. Instead of limiting members on the positive effects of on-site discussion we encourage members to flag and block inappropriate members/comments. Once a member is blocked he/she will not be able to comments on your stories. The majority of members understand that EP is a supportive and positive space and it's only a few that choose to abuse the site. Their inappropriate behavior should not be allowed to take away from the positive impact our members are making through story sharing and commenting. <br />
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We do give members the ability to opt for no commenting on confessions because confessions are very different in nature from stories/experiences.