Only I Share My Specific Location of Residence, Not Google Maps!

Another weird thing I just noticed yesterday. When I posted a story, there was a new option to "add my location" by Google maps. "SHARE WHERE THIS HAPPENED" optional feature is not a good idea. I did not choose that option.

But when reading the comments on my post today, I see the author is HERE and a detailed road map with a red arrow of where I am. Why is this necessary, so stalkers can find their prey easier??? WTF???

I immediately changed my profile to U.S., State: none, time zone: none. and saved the changes. I only even saw my location on there by accident, I scrolled a little bit too far down!

Girls who attract pervs and stalkers: go edit your profile now to be sure your specific location and time zone is not in there and won't be posted at the bottom of your stories by Google Maps. EPStaff: please remove this feature! Anyone who knows me well, has been informed of my location in the course of conversation. I don't need it emblazoned for all (who I do not know) to see in such detail!

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Well, all through April I did notice my specific location was again at the bottom of a few stories! AND when I went to add a different avatar pic, I saw my town, state and timezone WAS ADDED AGAIN and not by me. <br />
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This happened again end of last week. I changed and saved DO NOT LIST for town, state and timezone several avail. Then I sent an angry PM to Arsineh, it was fixed promptly and I wish I hadn't barked buuuuut IT HAPPENED twice more after that. Definitely a bug. Hate that widget.

Dunno, question for EPStaff...<br />
Day after it was 'fixed' it auto added my location again. Even after I removed the location info and time zone out of my profile.<br />
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We'll see if this is a bug.

I was frightened to see this added to the bottom of all the stories I have written. On some rare occasions I forgot to clear the location. I am afraid that a few of my stories may give my location. Is there a way to check whether or not it is listed without going through all of my recent stories?

Thank you, Erica. I'm glad to know that. Under 18 still need better safeguards on EP.

EP users who are under 18 do not have the option to display their location data.

I only saw it by accident, myself. And Arsineh has said the issue is fixed. :)<br />
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Still, I do wonder about kids under 18 locations being displayed.

Thanks for posting this, Qazrazl, I didn't even notice it. That shows you how well I pay attention to things like that. <br />
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(***runs off to change profile for good measure***)

Thank you, Arsineh!! It did freak me out a tad. I still wonder if it is such a good idea to show where one is, more than just regionally. And what about children's locations being displayed on EP?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We've corrected this error in the system and the map is now optional. <br />
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Unless you select the map feature your location will not display.

Mine was also off but close enough for discomfort! I was stunned it added this info when I did not click the option. I want everyone aware of it.