Horrible Journey Into a Child Molester's Mind

Here is another story I'm re-posting here at this group, which was originally posted by me at GoldenArrow's group on paedophilia/**********. If you agree with any of the points here, please show your support by "recommending" this story. Here goes:

I feel duty-bound to set out a few of the very common lines which child molesters use in order to justify to the harm they cause to children, and -- worst still -- "groom" their victims, as well as other paedophiles whom they encourage to commit dreadful crimes so that they can enjoy hearing about it from them.


Basically, they use a lot of distorted reasons and "fixes" to hold things together.

Many of them try to see the child as their "betrothed," hoping that their religious vow of pre-marital chastity will keep their hands away from the child.

It never does.

The false fantasy of thinking of the child as a "future wife" alleviates guilt by falsely romanticising what they are doing. And it enables them to deceive themselves into thinking that anything they might have done or might do or might be tempted to do can simply be wiped out one day by marrying the child.

It is not right for a man to be thinking of a child as his "betrothed". 

And it will not stick, because they are not sexually attracted to adult women. They are lying to themselves when they tell themselves that they are going to marry her when she's legal. Because when that child matures, they will switch to another child. And it will start again.


Here are common examples of the kinds of lines which ALL pedophiles in denial use to justify molesting a child:

"Some day people will see that children are sexual beings."

"Yes, I do think that she was drawn to you..."

"I know this sounds crazy, but she was flirting with me..."

"She's very mature for her age, is 2 - 3 grades ahead of her age in some subjects..."

"She was fine until other people butted in and made her feel victimized." (*she didn't need anybody to make her "feel" victimized, she was already victimized. By the molester.)


My unbending response to any child molester is USE THE CORRECT WORDS.

Don't call her "the ten-year-old", call her "the child".

Having a sexual encounter with a child is "child molestation".

If you are a paedophile who has molested a child before, you are a "child molester".

If you have put any part of your body, or any object, into her vagina or anus, you have "raped" her.


One of the ugliest and most deliberately ignorant lies which child molesters tell themselves and each other is they are somehow helping society by doing everything possible to avoid prison.

The myth is that child molesters are targetted for prison rape by inmates (true) and that will turn them into even more dangerous child molesters.

I say that this argument is ignorant bullshit. I have a legal background and I can tell you that most judicial systems in developed countries are well aware of this and so a young, first-time offender with the potential for rehabilitation will be segregated, if he even receives a custodial sentence.

If you are a minor and think you are a paedophile, seek help while you are still a minor. Once you are legally an adult, chances are that the only agencies who can help you will be subject to reporting requirements.


To child molesters who refuse to seek help because they are afraid that, "this will bar me from fulfilling my dream of joining the armed forces and serving my country," I'd like to say very clearly: Being a paedophile makes you unfit for service, you will most likely fail the psychological screening, and it was never an option for you. In fact, if you are a serviceman and are convicted of child molestation by a military tribunal, the penalties are going to be extremely severe."

I hope this didn't offend anybody out there. I feel that if you simply erase all paedophile groups and stories, the molesters will simply pop up elsewhere, better hidden. So I would like decent EP users to at least be able to recognize some of these "lines" and cliches which can be quite subtle but indicate the presence of a child molester. 

Personally, I feel that it may even be better to contact Arsineh directly *before* you flag, so that EP has the option of acting before the molester suspects anything. Thank you and good luck!


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I already knew some of this (when I shouldnt, but i do)

yeah heh..(''and i hope he doesnt come back again'')sorry i just write my thoughts in my language heh

I hope he doesn't reappear either... AmyWhispers, did I understand xanaerthi correctly? Help! elpizo na min xanaerthi!

DD I know what you mean.....I wanted to serve my grandfathers balls up on a platter and chop his ***** up like sliced pepperoni !

The anger is still there, 45 years later.

AP, No problem. I was raped when I was 15 and would now, as a grown man, love to met someone who likes to **** kids. I want to help them in a way they will never be able to never **** another child, or anyone else. Promise...DD

jp5040 , you said…“Predatory men will find weak people. He knew I was bi. He could tell.” That remark stood out to me. One of the worse things the punk who raped me did was suggest that he picked me because he could somehow tell I was a girl or wanted to be a girl. I think most young men have some doubts about there manhood. I wondered for some time if I was gay because he picked me. Total BS! Mind games. Don’t fall for it. I don’t ever want to talk with one of these punks. There is only one way to make a point with these freaks...DD.

Yippee! MarkYoung's posts have disappeared! He's been deleted again. I know that EP are working hard to make sure they don't have to delete Mark IV before the end of the day... thanks EP!

Happy weekend, all!


DD, maybe he's lucky that he is only using Jesus' name in vain, and not trying to spin something in the name of the Dark Goddess of somebody I know... thanks for showing up to show support.



there is no point to talking to markyoung. His mind is corrupted. Only action can impress on him. The only point he can understand is the point of a knife…DD

If there is a silver lining to this EP drama cloud, it is that I have come to realize that survivors of child sexual abuse don't have to be victims forever. This has given me the chance to hear things straight from the mouth of a child molester.

I'll say this to survivors: I salute you. I love the way you stood up yesterday to this man whom you kicked out of EP and who was only able to get back in again today through the back door.

Being overpowered and hurt and crushed when you were too young and vulnerable to resist the physical strength or "authority" of an adult is a terrible thing. But if you were to meet him again years later, on more even terms (and with FRIENDS to back you), you'd probably find that your power can match his.

Look at this MarkYoung, read his funny "arguments", the whiney "but none of you are really seeing me! Nobody knows how to appreciate my contributions" "I got ten trophies!" etc etc, think of him wanking -- alone -- to his sad "shotacon" ***********, and you'll know that the person you are, is one million times more valuable and worthy than he is.

Child molesters are no danger to people their own size, people like you and me, but we have to make sure they are no danger to the vulnerable small ones, who are the only people they are able to hurt.

If this MarkYoung person tries to turn it around and say, "Look, you all turned out okay after all, see? This just shows that no real harm was done!", you can all tear him a new one while we wait for EP to come and rescue him.

No problem. I'm an idiotic bible thumper, but I don't jerk off to kiddie ****.



jp5040, thanks, but you are giving him too much dignity with those big words like "black hole of humanity".

This is a guy who can only handle sex with children, he is selfish enough to hurt somebody's young daughter for his own pleasure, and the best thing he could think up to insult me was that I'm "not even American" and my avatar doesn't have enough hair on his chest! He's nothing.

Even survivors of child sexual abuse were laughing at him here (when he was MarkYoung Mark II; this is Mark III?). Enough people know what he is, and I am at peace because a few parents who've been following this since yesterday have a better idea of how dangerous a site like this can be. I may be a pornographer, but I think I know who they would choose to mind their young kids for a while if they were in a bind and had to choose between me and him. Although MarkYoung could quote bible verses AND fondle their children in his head at the same time... I might well lose.

I am a Christian -- not a good one -- but even I can tell you that there is *no* tariff of the "200 hours of exemplary service = one free pass to collect shotacon/ lolicon child *********** (* which is illegal in the US, because they are Japanese comic books depicting graphic sex with young children) and diddle somebody's daughter against her will."


P/s: j, you are my trusted friend so I think I can say this... there is a difference between my writing **** (for consenting adults only... erm, mewold and his wife botable read what I write?), and a sexual predator exercising their precious "freedom of speech" in order to write child *********** and/or prey on emotionally vulnerable survivors of child sexual abuse, and promote their agenda that sex with a child is not a very serious federal crime and a morally repugnant act.

I would even say that sexual predators such as MarkYoung aren't merely writing about illicit activity, they are *actually* harming others by grooming victims, grooming other predators, and undermining the recovery of survivors by continuing to feed them the same false justifications that they themselves consume every day. AP

jp5040, thanks. I know that came from the heart. I would just say, with reference to the last lines you wrote, that EP doesn't flag and block. The deal is that "the community" rallies and does the flagging and blocking. But it's disappointing and insulting (insulting to me, as an EP member) when EP is shown -- very clearly -- how easy it is for a flagged member to return and cause trouble, and they still let them back in a third time anyway. Within hours. Good job, EP.

Okay, now I'm counting on EVERYONE to lean on EP because I've just flagged a brand-new member who posted at GoldenArrow's story on atheism under the name of "MarkYoung".

The fact that this "MarkYoung" is doing his best to defend religion is no surprise to me, because during the brief 24-hour period when I was talking to him, he was doing his best to portray himself as a Christian. It is *NOT* Christian to call a 10-year-old girl your "betrothed" and -- worst still -- molest her.

This dovetails perfectly with his arguments -- which many of you have read -- that the "good" he did at EP was somehow enough to compensate for diddling a 10-year-old girl against her will. Yes, against her will; I did read a post by "whofarted" to him to the effect that, "perhaps it would have been better if you hadn't taken... but I do believe that maybe she really did want and need you..." Bullshit. I think we are all pretty well educated about the "total lack of personal responsibility" aspect of a child molester's personality, so I don't need to spell it out for you.


Please flag the *** off this idiot and make it clear to EP how you feel about the "exceptional job" (EPJake's own words) they are doing to keep the site safe.



I doubt it; I was so tired (emotionally) this time that I didn't even flag him, let alone report him. I believe that a number of good people here on EP removed him by flagging. So this time I didn't do anything. The "good on you" feels good, but I don't deserve it.

Anybody who reads these comments later is going to be very puzzled... but I hope they will be able to fill in the gaps and guess what we were all reacting to.

I am actually thinking of asking EP Support whether they can restore his comments, if it's technically possible. It might not be a bad idea for people to be able to read them and see how the mind works. In a way, his choice of words illustrated everything I was trying to convey in this story.

It wasn't funny at all yesterday, but some of the insults were classic too. Eg. That I'm "not even American!" (who doesn't know I'm Singaporean?). Or that attack he made on my poor avatar for not having enough hair on his chest! The little bit of Greek between MOooo, AmyWhispers, and me was "racist"!

I thought AmyWhisper's feisty response to MarkYoung was the best, even though I still feel strongly that she should not have responded to him. It might do some survivors of child sexual abuse good to see how none of the women were intimidated by his or his language.

Please be safe... I don't expect that he and his friends are ready to stop trying to find some way to take out their frustrations on me and my friends, so do please be alert.



Good on you Andrew, did he go to jail this time ?

Hey, tzigani, no problem. I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to open this story this morning in Singapore and discover that MarkYoung -- and his posts -- have been taken off EP. I think I have a lot of EP'ers to thank for that... and also the EP admin who was alert and working over the weekend.

No, you are right not to be baited into an argument. Like respect, trust has to be earned. All I can do is point you to this story I wrote which expresses what I feel about safety: "Some Thoughts on Protecting Children".

Take care, and good luck -- AP

I'm sorry Marji....i disagree...omo....i don't have a strange way of showing it.

Anyone who has ever dealt with ped's are almost ALWAYS suspicious, and in this case, it unfortunately happens to be Mark, AP, etc......i question question question question.....again, let me stress, it has NOTHING to with education (where did i mention THAT??) but as a victim. And yes, as a victim, i am ALSO going to question one's love for family in THESE kinds of circumstances. NO BODY believed my step father molested me for YEARS, and others. NO ONE. Why???? Because gee, he was just soooo nice, no way would HE do/be like that. Well, statistically, it is usually some one a victim knows.....usually friends or family. You should know this your self Marji.

And yes, never mind friends or family, even the CLERGY have not been above it all.

'nuff said.

I will not be baited into an argument.

Sorry to i busted anyone's bubble on this forum AP. I mean that.

My comments were merely out of concern and yes, suspicion.

As far as i am concerned, one cannot be suspicious or concerned enough with these sick individuals.

Peace out....

Ap ....

Thanks for posting this piece ,a warning for all of us to be ever vigilant

Don't be such a girl, MarkYoung, I offered you every kind of help during those 24 hours when I was trying to persuade you to turn yourself in, with your cousin at your side. But no, you were too ignorant.

Our will to help you has run out, and I am sorry if you don't feel loved here. Tough ****. Carry on with the personal attacks on me and soon we will be able to remove you from EP even without mentioning "paedophilia"....

ok..(but dont say dont worry)

makari na figi apo to site

AmyWhispers, thanks for the support, but I want you to stay *safe* and as far away from this story -- and MarkYoung -- as possible, okay? Parakalo! It will be okay, don't worry. Love, Andrew

sorry ap but i am going to say something.and sorry for what i'll say but it's on my mind and i will comment

MarkYoung you are an idiot!!You know who is funny?YOU!and liar and fake?haha ap is 100% better person than you.

ilithie..eprepe na isun edo tha su elega ego..bunia sta mutra tha etrogew ilithie

my son is a "gamer" thanks for the heads-up AP

P/s: If any of you out there are parents, you need to know that the gamer who goes by the name, "Colonel Marksman" (or something similar) is actually MarkYoung.


I wish you all the best, Tzigani...

Take care. AP

AP, i have nothing but your word....thank you.

Constant change....taking psychology isn't what attributed to veiled accusations as you say, but simple personal experiences. Please read what i wrote in "total"


Hi Tzigani. If it's worth anything, I'll vouch for AP. I think if you got to know him a little better, you'd see that he tends to walk through EP trying to help people (even messed-up people like MarkYoung). He gets very personally involved in counseling people with their problems because, I think, he genuinely cares.

The information that MarkYoung, Whofarted and Gabryelle gave out about paedophilia was open for public view. I stumbled across it myself. It's gone now (thank heavens), but I was one of many people who flagged these profiles and stories in order to make these people go away. EP doesn't do that automatically. We have to tell them when we find something dangerous or offensive.

As for AP's profession: he has had a change in life and thought that he might try writing erotic fiction for a while. I've read some of it. It's not my cup of tea, but there's certainly nothing illegal in what he covers. He doesn't write about children.

I personally found it a little disturbing that you took his love for his family to perhaps indicate something more devious - but I appreciate that you don't know him as well as some of us do (and you are perhaps looking for signs that simply aren't there). There is nothing wrong or unnatural with an adult man loving his family (completely platonically) - it is one of the most natural human responses on Earth. I am hardly what anyone would describe as a naive person - but I can assure you that AP is above board.

P/s: Tzigani, my background is not in psychology, but in law. My friend GoldenArrow, who writes articles on EP concerning paedophilia, is a practising lawyer; when he attends a professional talk on the enforcement aspects of paedophilia, he shares it in his group. jp5040, another friend, has worked before as a state-approved counseller in his native Canada specializing in survivors of child sexual abuse. The materials we use to write articles such as these are easily obtainable in the excellent public education materials provided by websites such as There is a very useful pdf there -- you'll have to search for it -- on the psychological profile of the typical paedophile.

Once you come across even one case of another adult molesting a child, tzigane, it is so disturbing that if you are a decent person you might not be able to just do nothing. Child sexual abuse has effects that can last a lifetime and nobody deserves this...AP