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Pick a Mood: More Adjectives

We need more adjectives in the Pick Your Mood section.How about adding adventurous, down, elated, exasperated, expectant, focused, hungover, inspired, intense, marvelous, patient, quiet, tolerant, wishful, whimsical, wonderful.

Also, how about having a blank option so we could write in anything we want?

(How can I get the above text to come together? Every time I try to edit, reformat and submit it, a big space splits up the text .)


xiaomei xiaomei 26-30, F 5 Responses Aug 3, 2009

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also strong, great

wild, in the zone, yanged out

OK. Good idea. Any more thoughts, anybody?

Wow! That was fast. Many thanks!

Thank you for these great suggestions! We'll take these all into consideration when we make our next round of updates.