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Less Hypocricy and More Action?

There are evidently millions experiences here, and anyone who has been around for eve a week or two realizes that this site is supported by advertisers, and one of the largest members groups are those who participate in at least some of the "adult" groups, so EP is not goping to cut their own financial throat and ban adult material.

BUT ... would it be so hard to "protect" people who don't want adult content? Groups are clearly marked adult, profiles can be clearly marked adult. Sounds good. But would it be that hard for EP to make adult groups and profiles invisible to people who don't disable the adult filter?

Evidently, even if you have thre adult filter on, you can still go to someone's profile and see their adult friends and groups plainly listed. Why?

I'm no computer expert, very far from it, but i have the sense to know that if EP simply spent a bit of time and "gasp" possibly money, they could make see that no adult site or profile can be seen by people who haven't disabled the adult filter.

ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M Aug 7, 2009

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