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Able to Fix Grammar Mistakes In the Group Headline

it would be nice to be able to fix some spelling mistakes that are in the group headline. I made a mistake yesterday; I put baggels instead of bagels but there's no edit to fix the headline name.

LittleLena LittleLena 36-40, F 5 Responses Aug 13, 2009

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I don't think there was any story beside mine when I did it. we have to go Arsineh :) also we have to be careful before we hit submit button.

If you have just made the group you could delete it and remake it. I just did that. I know - big hassle if a story or two has been posted.Then I guess you must go to Arsineh.

what :-D

thank you :-D

I went ahead and made the correction to the group title. Giving authors the tool to edit their title is a great suggestion, but for now if you see a misspelling that you'd like corrected let me know and I'll correct it.